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Webcomic Wednesdays #69 - where we are hardcore

By Jim Kettner

Hey interwebs, 

So a couple years back, whilst toiling to get my MFA in writing, I found myself saddled with a CNF(Creative Non-Fiction) assignment to create a profile on any topic. 3-5 pages, infinite possibilities. 

Of course, my brain, heart, and drawing hand did a collective high-five and decided to crank out a comic about punk rock.  

I decided it might be a cool opportunity to show my classmates some of the creative possibilities that the comics medium allowed, and on top of that I’d get to blab about a band I was (and still am) really excited about, PUNCH (hear that punchcrew ?) 

I scoured the interwebs for sources to draw from, be it the band’s website, interviews in Behind Punk and other mags, and correspondence with the band’s guitarist, Keith. 

The resulting comic is a bit more hastily executed than most of my work, and even though the info in the article is a bit dated, I thought it would be cool to put this out into the world. Thanks donnaramoneRAZORCAKE for making that happen!

Thanks dude! for more…

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